About Us

RJB Contracting is an Integrated Commercial Contractor providing commercial construction and asset maintenance services in the Retail, Sustainable Infrastructure, and Warehouse sectors. Contact our experienced team today to learn how we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Providing Excellent Service Since 1992

Ron Bacskai founded RJB in 1992 in the Philadelphia area. The company started as a specialized provider of commercial coatings. As part of the goal to provide unparalleled service, RJB quickly evolved into a comprehensive Commercial General Contractor to a large service area. Today, we serve 35 states and counting.

Our teams include certified, experienced professionals with the qualifications to provide top-notch insights. RJB Contracting is a member of PRSM, ICSC, and RFMA.

Our primary goal in 1992, now, and in the future is to provide unparalleled service to our clients whenever and wherever they need it.

Locations Served

From our beginnings just outside Philadelphia over 30 years ago, we have steadily grown and now service the entire eastern US. We’re often asked by our clients to work in different regions nationally and can do so upon request.







RJB [ABILITY] is Our Advantage

RJB [ABILITY] is the belief that great work results from intelligent planning, strong communication, and the collective abilities of an experienced team. We value integrity and showing up to get the job done when our clients need it most. Our teams utilize expert planning and industry best practices to prepare for projects. Their insights allow us to solve our clients’ known and unknown challenges to keep our projects on track. Our dedication to going above and beyond for our clients is why they trust us to solve their greatest challenges.

RJB [ABILITY] is about:


RJB Contracting is dedicated to delivering quality, clarity, and unwavering dedication on every project. Contact us today to discuss your commercial construction and asset maintenance needs.


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