Asset Maintenance for Commercial Properties

Protect Your Assets’ Future with Comprehensive Maintenance Across Trades.

RJB is an industry-leading commercial contractor with a breadth of experience across trades. Our asset maintenance solutions cover almost all the systems necessary for upholding brand and durability standards in retail and warehouse facilities. To minimize disruptions, we help our clients make fast evaluations and decisions in reactive and preventative situations. Contact us today to learn how our team can help you protect your assets.

Reactive and Preventive Maintenance

Although reactive and preventive maintenance remains prevalent in our industry, we actively embrace the shift toward an AI/predictive model. By harnessing large volumes of data, we can proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they disrupt operations, processes, services, or systems.

Implementing robust predictive maintenance tools empowers businesses to anticipate the timing and location of potential service disruptions. This approach offers numerous benefits, including reduced maintenance costs, enhanced asset lifespan, and upholding the brand’s reputation.

Why RJB?

RJB’s construction division backs our asset maintenance team. That allows us to provide multiple services across trades, including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, mechanical systems, flooring repairs, exterior repairs, and more. Our team can handle projects of any size, which makes us a comprehensive maintenance partner for our clients. Our extensive service capabilities allow us to provide efficient, proactive maintenance and prompt reactive service to protect our clients’ long-term assets.

RElated Services

RJB has mastered the difficult application and installation of specialized products in commercial environments. We have unlimited ability to uncover and apply what’s new and what’s next. Contact us today for any of the following services:

Protect Your Assets With RJB

For an efficient, comprehensive asset maintenance partner, choose RJB Contracting. Contact us today to start protecting your assets.


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