Achieve Long-Term Sustainability With Industry-Leading Sustainable Infrastructure from RJB

As an industry-leading Sustainable Infrastructure contractor, RJB is dedicated to improving long-term sustainability. We have evaluated processes across the entire supply chain and identified alternative materials and better practices that enable us to outperform the competition. Often, it can be as simple as advising at the project’s design phase to ensure sustainable alternatives and efficiencies are included early in the project to avoid unnecessary costs or delays during procurement and construction.

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations are a rapidly growing area of infrastructure construction. We have invested heavily in equipment and personnel training to optimize our service and installation process for maximum efficiency.

Open Faster With an Experienced Partner

Long lead times, lack of experience, and more plague projects in the Sustainability Sector and extend project timelines. When someone notices an issue, the project timeline extends further while finding the right person to fix it.

RJB solves these problems with our dedicated in-house trade experts and project managers. Decades of firsthand experience have taught our team how to identify and fix issues quickly. Even better, our team proactively solves challenges to shorten our clients’ time frames and get their sites open faster.

Two RJB Contracting employees looking over plans at a Tesla supercharging site

Advanced Environmental Protection

RJB works daily to minimize any potential negative environmental effects during construction. We’re committed to sustainable construction with the following goals.

Incorporating Renewable and Sustainable Materials

RJB aims to implement project designs with sustainable materials on every project. To do so, certified engineers and architects advise our team on the most sustainable choices. We also collaborate with suppliers to continuously adapt eco-friendly products.

Reducing Waste and Maximizing Efficiency

Combining innovative technology and meticulous planning allows our team to optimize projects for efficiency. To reduce waste, our project managers rigorously review plans, recommend long-lasting products, and harness our experts’ knowledge to minimize costs and extend asset lifetimes.

Optimizing Site Designs to Minimize Energy Waste

RJB’s team consists of respected industry experts who provide vital insights through the preconstruction phase to design highly efficient environments.

By prioritizing sustainable design, we reduce our environmental impact to minimal levels. We’re committed to working on projects that will lead to a more renewable, sustainable future.

Serving the Eastern US and More

Turn to RJB for Sustainable Infrastructure

RJB is dedicated to a more sustainable, renewable future through better infrastructure. Contact us today to discuss the sustainability of your next project.

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