Retail Construction Services

Upgrade Retail Spaces With RJB’s In-Store Retail Coating and Integrated Construction Services

With over 30+ years of experience in the retail construction industry, RJB has established itself as a leading expert. Specializing in serving grocery, big box, restaurants, convenience, pharmacies, and various other retail establishments in the open store environment, RJB has built an unparalleled level of expertise and an enviable track record that speaks for itself.

Our extensive portfolio includes the successful completion of more than 1,000 projects annually. This impressive volume of work highlights our efficiency and reliability in handling projects of varying scales. Whether constructing new retail spaces, renovating existing ones, or carrying out specialized interior and exterior coating applications, RJB has the expertise to deliver exceptional results consistently.

Minimize Disruptions to Store Operations

For many retail establishments, completing a construction project is a stressful experience for the store team and significantly disrupts operations. Throughout the project, store personnel are unaware of work that will impact their operations, which only amplifies the pressure in a retail environment.

At RJB, we want to provide as smooth a process as possible for our clients. Our focus on superior planning and communication allows us to minimize disruptions to our clients’ store teams and operations

Superior Planning and Communication

RJB has built a strong reputation with national retailers for our ability to consistently deliver on promises. Everything starts with precise planning and clear communication.

Understanding the challenges and time pressures clients face in the retail environment, we make it a priority to:

We understand the benefits of partnering with a coatings and construction partner built to communicate well, flexible enough to adapt to unforeseen situations, and responsive enough to get the job done.


One of RJB’s key strengths lies in our ability to cultivate strong partnerships with globally renowned retail clients and supply partners who operate on the cutting edge. These partnerships are based on mutual trust, collaborative efforts, and a shared commitment to achieving excellence in every project. By understanding each client’s unique needs and goals, we ensure that every construction endeavor aligns with their specific vision and brand identity.

Serving the Eastern US and Beyond


We are demanding, and we need vendors to bend OVER backwards for us. While every vendor says they are willing to do that, RJB actually does it.

– Brian Zimmer, Home Depot Store Manager


RJB prioritizes safety for every project, no matter the size. Our Safety Committee and Safety Management Program comprise internal employee training that ensures safety comes first.

RJB employee working on the exterior of a retail building

RJB Contracting utilizes experience, planning, and clear communication to exceed our clients’ expectations. Contact us today to start planning your store’s next construction project.

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