The RJB Team

Ron Bacskai headshot

Ron Bacskai


“To understand the RJB culture and the people behind our name, look at our history of thousands of projects over the past four decades. Serving customers with expertise and passion, while creating a frictionless experience for all involved stakeholders.

It all started in 1992 when I decided to build something different, a reliable customer-focused contractor that delivers what was promised, respects the individual, and constantly strives for success.

We have grown significantly over the years grounded in the principles that have made us successful, but as the next generation joins the company, I can’t help but think we are just getting started.”

Larry Ward headshot

Larry Ward

Chief Financial Officer

Maddie Bacskai headshot

Maddie Bacskai

Chief Strategy Officer

John Lewinski headshot

John Lewiski

Vice President of Construction

Brendan Bacskai headshot

Brendan Bacskai

Vice President of Business Development

Kurt Fletcher headshot

Kurt Fletcher

Vice President of Sales

Ryan Spratt headshot

Ryan Spratt

Vice President of Coatings

Marley Venezia headshot

Marley Venezia

Senior Project Manager

Dave Hartman headshot

David Hartman

Senior Project Manager

Courtney Smith headshot

Courtney Smith

Division Operations Manager

Liz Donohue headshot

Liz Donohue

Human Resources Manager

Gabe Peralta headshot

Gabriel Peralta

Information Technology Manager

Nardina Johnston headshot

Nardina Johnston

Project Manager

Todd King headshot

Todd Kring

Project Manager

David Riviera headshot

David Rivera

Project Manager

Eric Blumenstock headshot

Eric Blumenstock

Project Manager

Eric Akin headshot

Eric Akin

Project Manager

Matt Crum headshot

Matt Crum

Project Manager

Brian Kerrigan headshot

Brian Kerrigan

Project Manager

Mary-Ann Grant headshot

Mary Ann Grant

Project Manager

Dan Massaro headshot

Daniel Massaro

Information Technology Technician

Paul Delucia headshot

Paul DeLucia

Project Manager

Rachel Bowman headshot

Rachel Bowman

Assistant Project Manager

Dan Krier headshot

Dan Krier

Assistant Project Manager

Joe Holz Jr. headshot

Joe Holz Jr.

Assistant Project Manager

Mike White headshot

Mike White

Assistant Project Manager

Michelle Jarvis headshot

Michelle Jarvis

Project Coordinator

Vickie Moyer headshot

Vicki Moyer

Project Coordinator

Kyle Richards headshot

Kyle Richards

Project Coordinator

Melissa Powers headshot

Missy Powers

Project Coordinator

Nate Schaffer headshot

Nathan Schaffer

Lead Superintendent

Allen McMonagle headshot

Allen McMonagle

CHST. ASP Saftey Manager

Megan Barry headshot

Megan Barry

Accounting Associate

Valerie Bohn

Accounting Associate

Rob Esposito headshot

Robert Esposito

Pre-Construction Coordinator

Kaylah McFarland headshot

Kaylah McFarland

Marketing Analyst

Janet Tezak headshot

Janet Tezak


Andrew Lesinski headshot

Andrew Lesinski

Operations Manager

RJB provides our clients with industry-leading construction and asset maintenance services in the Retail, Sustainable Infrastructure, and Warehouse sectors. Contact us today to discuss your next project or to join our team.


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