Dynamic Leaders in Commercial Construction Since 1992

Each day, we dedicate ourselves to crafting functional and visually appealing environments for our top-tier clients nationwide. The construction process typically begins with close client consultation and planning. Then, our construction teams undertake the task of executing the project. We adhere to strict timelines and budgets while adhering to the most stringent safety regulations.

Throughout the process, effective project management and communication are key. Coordinating different teams, managing subcontractors, and ensuring seamless collaboration among all stakeholders is essential. By maintaining clear lines of communication, we can successfully meet client expectations, address any concerns that may arise, and ensure the highest quality outcomes on every job. Contact us today to start planning your next commercial construction project.

A One-Stop Shop for Construction

Commercial construction is a complex and dynamic process. RJB’s experienced team provides high-quality results for our clients’ construction needs.

Typical projects include:


RJB designed our commercial construction services to deliver the highest quality results and meet our national clients’ specific needs and objectives. Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure the consistent delivery of efficient construction solutions for all commercial projects.

Our construction services include but are not limited to the following.

The Best Employees for the Best Results

RJB heavily focuses on employee training at our 20,000-square-foot Spring City, PA facility. Our talented team defines and shares best practices, emphasizing strong communication and preparedness. We strive to eliminate any uncertainties or critical path issues that could delay the successful completion of a project.

RJB Contracting is a member of ICSC, RFMA, and PRSM. We are engaged with our industry peers and continue learning current trends in the marketplace.

RJB Makes Clients’ Lives Easier

Clients who choose RJB for their projects have better construction experiences than any other.

  • Comprehensive Partnership – RJB is here for all of our clients’ construction needs and will solve any challenge that arises along the way.
  • Transparent Communication – Our team informs clients on project status at every step with clear and direct communication.
  • Unwavering Dedication – Our project managers provide top-tier planning, clarity, and responsiveness to ensure the best from every job.
  • High-Quality Results – A combination of expertise, talent, and training provides the highest quality in every job.



Complete Your Next Project With RJB

RJB’s combination of expertise, planning, and communication provides functional and visually stunning results. Contact us to complete your next commercial construction project.

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